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Shhh! ... Don't tell the children they are learning.

Cold blooded reptiles warm children’s hearts. Wild visitors to classroom.


Shhh don’t tell them they are learning.

Memorial park Kindergarten staff and children had some spiky and slithery friends visit for a play recently, as the Wild Spirit team dropped by for a very informative and interactive education session.

Passionate wildlife carer and reptile handler Jill Zimmermann started on a mission to educate communities, bringing a greater awareness of snakes and reptiles, enabling them to live safely and harmoniously within our environment.

She now presents her reptiles to children and adults along the Sunshine Coast.

“You will open your hearts and minds to understanding a snake” Jill said.
“And you will learn safety tips and what to do when you see a snake”.

At first for the centre Kindergarten director Marnie Courtney said “ Its important for the kids to have an awareness of the dangers of snakes for their own personal safety, while equally understanding the unique environmental importance of reptiles.



Jill keeps it fun and entertaining and the learning … well that just happens without the kids knowing.

“The show was a perfect opportunity for us all to learn about different species of snakes and lizards, for the kids to ask questions and feel more confident in knowing how to best act if they see a snake in the wild” she said.

The children and teachers were very excited and enthusiastic about their classroom visitors, many taking the opportunity to pat the Bearded Dragon and Blue Tongue Lizard’s, Turtle and various Python Snakes.

Shh! Don’t tell the children they are learning ………best way to learn is by having fun.

What the kids had to say:

Henry told how “in the first place it was scary but then when I touched them it wasn’t scary. My favorite was the shiny coloured snake”.

Leo spoke excitedly about his petting experience, “the snakes were good and I liked how they were cold but dry”.

The highlight for Rueben was the turtle, “we got to pat the turtles shell and I like them because they swim with their web feet”.

Summer described the reptile visit to kindy as “so good! I liked the lizards and the turtle the best”.

If you are interested in organising Jill & the Team to come and visit your School or Kindy please send us an e-mail or fill in your details on the contact us page.

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