About Jill

Fear and ignorance are often overcome with education and understanding.

Jill has been an active Volunteer Wildlife Carer for over 20 years, rescuing and caring for our feathered and furred wildlife. In 2002 Jill became aware more carers were needed, especially with our snakes (pythons, venomous, colubrids and sea snakes), as most of their injuries were sustained from humans who feared or misidentified snakes.

All these years of saving reptiles lead Jill to create her hobby and passion WILD SPIRIT (for the spirit of the wild animal) and started her on a mission to educate and bring about more awareness of our snakes role in our environment.

Jill’s vision is to educate us humans so that hopefully more reptiles will be able to live in harmony with us, and in doing so, helping to preserve and protect our environment.

Jill is a qualified Snake Handler and an experienced and informative Public Speaker.

“Fear and ignorance are often overcome with a little education and some understanding. The vast majority of Snakes in our environment are harmless and often more scared of you than you are of them. It is however important to know which is which, that is where I can assist.”

Jill has Public Liability Insurance with Australian Herp Handlers, Blue Card for working with children and a Wildlife Demonstrators Licence.


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