About Jill

Jill has been an active Volunteer Wildlife Carer for over 20 years, rescuing and caring for our feathered and furred wildlife. In 2002 Jill became aware more carers were needed, especially with our snakes (pythons, venomous, colubrids and sea snakes), as most of their injuries were sustained from humans who feared or misidentified snakes.

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Our Mission

Australia has such diverse and unique wildlife, each species integral to the survival and health of our environment. Snakes are so often feared and maligned often out of ignorance. In our shows and parties my goal is to educate the willing as to the beauty and essential nature of an animal so often killed through fear and misunderstanding.

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You can find Jill and her band of slithery educators out and about on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast. Everywhere from the Eumundi Markets to kids birthdays parties on the Coast. She is a regular at events and functions held all over the coast. Whether it be fears or phobias or just an interest in educating yourselves or your children came along for a look.

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